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    Welcome to VSV Investors Club!  

    Join VSV Investors Club to get access to the best early stage startups in Vietnam

  • How do I start investing in Startup

    Start investing with VSV Investors Club is easy. Our process helps you investing with maximum visibility and minimal work.

    Here's how it work


    Every year, VSV will do a 'Startup Call' which will give us access to more than 300 early stage startups in Vietnam.


    From this pool, we go through our screening process and shortlist 30 startups that we think have what it take to success.


    We will then invite you to attend our 'Investor interview' with these 30 startups to pick 10-20 teams you like.


    These team will then participate into our 1 month pre-bootcamp program. At the end of 1 month, we will make our final decision on which team will receive our investment and enter the bootcamp.

  • Why should I join VSV Investor Club

    VSV regularly host events and workshop on how to build and scale businesses and how to invest in startup effectively. As a investor with VSV, you are invited to every event we host and you can bring an extra guest with you..

    As the first and most successful Early stage Startup Accelerator in Vietnam we are the go to partner for local, international and Government fund and startup program, as such our startup enjoy better support and more media exposure. You also get more value out of your investment through our match-funding with Government program.

    Since 2014 we have made investment in more than 30 early-stage startups. Some of them now grow into $millions + companies. Our portfolio valuation has grow 4x since then.

  • Announcement from Department of Planning and Investment of Hanoi about registering of VSV VENTURE CAPITAL FUND 1.

    This fund is managed by Vietnam Silicon Valley Accelerator JSC legally.


  • Join VSV Investor Club to receive exclusive information on our operation

    Whether or not to start investing in startup is a tough decision. That's why when you join VSV we will give you the support and information you need to make your own decision.

    There will not be any pressure to make investment until you feel ready.